Why consumers abandon their shopping carts?

Online shopping cart abandonment can be defined as the action of placing one or more products in a shopping cart then exiting the shopping session without completing the purchase of previously selected items (Kukar-Kinney and Close, 2009).

This blog post aims at a better understanding of online shopping cart abandonment through the identification of factors associated with this behavior. Indeed, it seems that factors associated with the price of the product, the usability of the site, the lack of information about the products, the lack of options for delivery or payment, confidentiality of data as well as the reputation of the company are responsible for the abandonment of shopping carts.

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Measuring ROI in social media: essential or useless?

Marketers often disagree on the best way to measure return on investment when it comes to social media. We do not even agree on the necessity of such a measure. Then again, setting objectives and measuring their achievement is one of the cornerstones of marketing management as it is taught in our business schools. So, why the debate? The following article, which I will summarize and comment, takes a look at both sides of the question. Read more

Social journey and corporate evolution by Jeremiah Owyang

I attended Jeremiah Owyang’s talk  at the 2012 Webcom edition in Montreal on Wednesday May 16. Here we are two months later, time flies but the interest for the topic is still up-to-date!

Most people tweeted and  talked about his conference focusing on the 3 future trends he stated and for which he offered lots of click-and-mortar examples and pragmatic recommendations:

  • Trend 1: Corporate Websites Reborn
  • Trend 2: Social Becomes Automated
  • Trend 3: To be Heard, You Will Pay Read more

Hello UXPA. Bye bye UPA.

“So, goodbye and thank you UPA. But get ready people, and say Hello and Welcome to the NEW. The UXPA.”

Here are the final words of Ronnie Battista’s talk at the UPA2012 Conference. UPA’s treasurer announced the evolution of the Usability Professionals Association (UPA) to the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA). Read more